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Loona: No repair kits and KEYi Tech starts deleting comments in their Facebook group

Despite the fact that the Loona repair kits were promised for mid-january so far they not only not arrived, but also the tracking info we got after the first useless amd now tracking did not update for weeks. As far as I can see those repair kits did not even leave china.

Digital Dream Labs: Informations from an (ex-) inside source [Update]

Thanks to quite inquisitive community member Barbara Langston we have some inside information from a former employee on what happened with Digital Dream Labs. So far it looks like they were running out of funds …

The next Digital Dream Labs stunt: bill.com

People that are trying to get a refund from Digital Dream Labs, be it for the still missing Vector 2.0s or the vaporhardware Butter Robot (that most probably will never see the light of day) are now faced with a new try by them to prevent that:

Do not buy Eilik: Looks like Energize Labs also is in over their heads

We hear more and more complaints by Eilik backers that have problems with firmware updates or broken SD cards, those are problems known from the past and seem still not to be solved today, as new posts about these problems appear nearly on an hourly basis.

Digital Dream Labs – a poem by William Shakespeare

No, not really but by ChatGPT. A member of the Facebook group “Digital Dream Labs sucks” fed Open AI’s new Deep Learing chatbot with a few informations and asked it to spew out a poem about Digital Dream Labs in the style of the bard

Loona Christmas Delivery: Look into Pledgebox for tracking numbers!

It was stated by KEYi Tech that you will get a tracking number for the xmas deliveries. From what I could see today that may or may not be so, since in Pledgebox I could already see tracking informations, but I did not get anything via email.

Digital Dream Labs: Be careful when sending in your robot for repair – plus: OSKR gone

I saw multiple people complaining online in different places that they have sent in their 1st generation vectors to SSL’s “official” repair center in the USA and now there is no feedback

“Cooperation” between DDL and KEYi?

We all remember the repeated copyright trolling by Digital Dream Labs against KEYi Technology, the company behind Loona the Petbot. DDL took down the Loona campaign on Kickstarter two times with very questionable “reasons” that …