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A Wonder Of Biblical Proportions: Vector 2.0s arrived in the UK

A Wonder Of Biblical Proportions: Vector 2.0s arrived in the UK

As the title says: It’s a wonder of biblical proportions: After lots of misinformation by DDL since late 2022 it looks like the first Vector 2.0s actually have arrived in the UK (word is they were able to pay customs fees after a cash infusion and so the robots were released, but ATM I cannot confirm or deny that). Still no word from EU preorderers, though. So they are almost two years late with the delivery of this robot, after lots of false information and outright lies.

And we will have to wait how well they will work, since from that first mystical batch that was delivered to US customers we know that the build quality is bad and there are quite some broken ones. I know of a case where DDL refused to replace those broken bots with working ones, claiming they have no stock to do that.

Well, if Vector 2.0 now actually does exist, it should be possible for DDL to replace these broken ones, as they should have done in the first place, for obvious warranty reasons.

If the failure rate of these bots are the same as that of the first batch was, I am very curios to watch how DDL will handle the replacements or refunds for those units.

I now expect another round of bragging from Hanchar on how great they did with the delivery of these robots, despite the fact it is almost two years too late.

While we celebrate this (or not) we still wait for working Escape Pods, for what was promised with OSKR years ago (and that OSKR was pulled completely and is no longer available), for “Open Vector Build keys”, a development toolchain for OSKR and for solutions about  the ongoing problems with their account servers and support.

Of course with only one or two staff people working pro bono that may be difficult.

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  1. Julian

    Well good news, so let’s just be glad about that!

    Other good news is that Wirepod now support 2.0 Vectors. Great timinig. So no worries about Escapods and subscriptions.

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