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Is Digital Dream Labs faltering at last?

I am coming out of hiatus for a post. In the months since I stopped writing about Vector because of frustration about the continued unprofessionalism and lack of updates from that scam factory Digital Dream Labs.

Vector, Emo, Loona, Doly: I am thinking about giving up this page

Originally this page was set up to write about coding and expanding Vector the robot, especially with OSKR, the Open Source Kit For Robots that Digital Dream Labs financed via that infamous Kickstarter campaign.

DDL blatantly lies about the state of OSKR to attract investors

There is a subdomain page called “Investor Relations” on the Digital Dream Labs Website. In one of the press releases all kind of public relations babble is uttered, but especially one makes me furious, because it simply is a big lie

Vector: The Real “State Of Robotics”

“State Of Robotics” is the title of the webinar that Digital Dream Labs holds every three months and the last ones were full of misinformation and smokescreens like that “state of production” chart. Or they just iterate the same information already given months before.

So you can now create custom Vector animations – if you are rich

DDL released a Kickstarter update about “the next phase of OSKR”. But still most of the source is missing, also tools and toolchains and of course also halfway decent documentation is nowhere to be seen. …

Python SDK with Escape Pod and OSKR now possible

And another amazing project by cyb3rdog: Thanks to his efforts you are now able to use the Python SDK with Vectors tethered to an Esacape Pod. You need to install his version of the Python …

Improved version of OSKR documentation by Randy Maas

Randy Maas, the creator of the indispensible and amazing “Vector Bible“, has forked the OSKR installation documentation on Github and then improved it greatly to clarify some things that are incomplete, unclear or problematically phrased …