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Vector, Emo, Loona, Doly: I am thinking about giving up this page

Originally this page was set up to write about coding and expanding Vector the robot, especially with OSKR, the Open Source Kit For Robots that Digital Dream Labs financed via that infamous Kickstarter campaign.

MarsCat: You may want to read this customer’s experience before considering to buy one

I’ve got a comment to another article by Catti telling about her MarsCat experiences. I asked about more details on this and if I’m allowed to share her experiences with Elephant Robotics with the world. She agreed, so here is what happened to her after buying a MarsCat

Meet Loona, a new robotic pet to be on Kickstarter soon

A new crowdfunding for a robotic pet is on the horizon. It is called “Loona” and the company behind it are KEYi Technology Co.,Ltd., the people behind ClickBot. So here is a company that already prooved they are able to successfully realize such a project.

Not only Youtube, DDL is also targeting users on Twitter

It was brought to my attention that DDL does not only target their user base with copyright claims and takedown notices, but also users on Twitter. Andy is a Vector user that also owns an Emo and wrote about that robot on Twitter.

Droid Division Rat Catcher Droid – IR controlled eye illumination with Arduino

This has nothing to do with Vector, Emo or Eilik, but it definitely has to do with Droids. On Etsy you can buy multiple STL files by Droid Division to print and build droids based …

Vector: Lifetime now actually means Lifetime?

It was stated and stressed multiple times by DDL representatives in the past that when you got a “Lifetime license” via the Kickstarter campaign said “Lifetime license” was tied to a robot with a specific serial number, not to a user.

Firmware 1.8: Digital Dream Labs made Vector worse – again …

You may or may not have heard that Digital Dream Labs is rolling out Vector firmware 1.8.x at the moment. It is a rolling release, so not all robots will get it immediately, it may …

Rollback to firmware 1.6 now officially possible

Robbie Lucas Bussard of DDL announced yesterday over multiple channels that it is now possible to officially roll back a Vector to firmware 1.6. Read the announcement below: Hello Vector users! Robbie here, from Digital …

Bigger Picture: DDL takes down Emo Kickstarter – again

Updated: Statement from Living.AI that came via Kickstarter mail added at the end of this article. As of yesterday the Kickstarter for Living.AI’s Desktop pet Emo ist down again, because Digital Dream Labs filed a …