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DDL: Hanchar blames his mismanagement on former employees

  We already learned from former Digital Dream Labs employees how they were not paid for months. In addition to that it became quite clear in the past years that the management done by the …

Digital Dream Labs: Informations from an (ex-) inside source [Update]

Thanks to quite inquisitive community member Barbara Langston we have some inside information from a former employee on what happened with Digital Dream Labs. So far it looks like they were running out of funds …

The next Digital Dream Labs stunt: bill.com

People that are trying to get a refund from Digital Dream Labs, be it for the still missing Vector 2.0s or the vaporhardware Butter Robot (that most probably will never see the light of day) are now faced with a new try by them to prevent that:

Vector 2.0: “User Changeable Battery” – another monumental fail by DDL

One of the main selling points and improvements of Vector 2.0 was the fact that he has a battery door and a battery that can be changed by the user.

Vector 2.0: DDL claims they will actually ship

Digital Dream Labs announced on multiple occasions, that the remaining Vector 2.0s will be shipped “till the end of Q4 2022” – actually sometimes they even said “delivered”. Well, time is getting short on that, …

This is bad: DDL forces firmware 2.0 onto 1st generation Vector and now they also have an overheating problem

As reported a few days ago, Vector 2.0s have a massive heat problem. They are generating more heat than a first generation vector and thus show a temp warning early and in completely normal environment temperatures.

I just was refunded the Vector 2.0 preorder

Since DDL is refusing to give a delivery date for Vector 2.0 and Jacob Hanchar just sent that mail round with utter nonsense about higher camera resolutions (that will lead to starting from the beginning …

Europeans: Be careful when (pre)ordering Vector 2.0 – updated, reread!

As of today Digital Dream Labs offers preorders for the new Vector 2.0, a slightly improved version of the robot. They try the usual sales tricks to get you into buying by saying you get …