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Digital Dream Labs: Informations from an (ex-) inside source [Update]

Thanks to quite inquisitive community member Barbara Langston we have some inside information from a former employee on what happened with Digital Dream Labs. So far it looks like they were running out of funds …

Vector 2.0: “User Changeable Battery” – another monumental fail by DDL

One of the main selling points and improvements of Vector 2.0 was the fact that he has a battery door and a battery that can be changed by the user.

This is bad: DDL forces firmware 2.0 onto 1st generation Vector and now they also have an overheating problem

As reported a few days ago, Vector 2.0s have a massive heat problem. They are generating more heat than a first generation vector and thus show a temp warning early and in completely normal environment temperatures.

Europeans: Be careful when (pre)ordering Vector 2.0 – updated, reread!

As of today Digital Dream Labs offers preorders for the new Vector 2.0, a slightly improved version of the robot. They try the usual sales tricks to get you into buying by saying you get …