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Loona: changelog of new update on 18th Jan

Loona: changelog of new update on 18th Jan

The following changelog was just posted in the Loona Facebook group (update: the new version of the Android app is not available in the Play Store so far, maybe KEYi Tech should postpone these update meessages until the app are actually available to prevent disappointment):

Change log of new update on 18th Jan (Loona firmware version 1.0.46; Loona App version 1.3.1)
  1. Optimized the bug of incorrect recognition of voice commands
  2. Optimized support for special characters in the configuration network
  3. Optimized the control experience of Fun Racing
We have recently discovered a bug where the video encoder and image recognition algorithms are in conflict, and this bug has the potential to cause Loona to crash or the image recognition function to be disabled (which can be recovered by restarting). We have significantly reduced the incidence of the bug, but it is still not fully resolved. A complete fix will require refactoring some of the code that the camera invokes, which will take some time to process, and we will do our best to fix it.
Until the above bug is fully fixed, if the bug is triggered, please refer to the following contexts and solutions.
– Loona cannot be woken up from Sleep mode (unlikely to happen)
Solution: Long press and hold 15 seconds to shut down and restart
– Charging stuck on charging icon (unlikely to happen)
Solution: Long press and hold 15 seconds to shut down and restart (hardware restart)
– Black screen after entering FPV (first-person view) LAN control mode, no response when pressing the power button (unlikely to happen)
Solution: Long press and hold 15 seconds to shut down and restart (hardware restart)
– Visual games (bullfighting, laser chasing) cannot be recognised, or keep going backwards even if there are no obstacles in front of Loona (unlikely to happen)
Solution: Short press 4s to shut down and restart
New features:
  • 【Added FPV(first-person view) image transfer function in LAN environment for Fun Racing】
With the FPV of Fun Racing, you can see and interact with people and the environment from her point of view via her camera and Loona App in LAN environment
  • 【Added Loona’s interaction with Gameball】
Added new types of interaction between Loona and Gameball
  • 【Added Voice Commands】
Added interesting Loona performance commands, she can act as a sloth, a panda, learn to bark like a wolf and act as a pirateMeanwhile, Loona has her own ideas on some questions. Ask her who is the most beautiful person in the world and who is the ugliest and see how she responds
  • 【Share the program to the community】
The Loona App community is open to sharing programs. Not only can you share your exciting moments of interaction with Loona, but you can also share your programming ideas with other users along with your programs. Besides, the uploaded programs can be downloaded and experienced by all users of the community.
  • 【Inner world: Added Loona’s inner thoughts in Face mode】
Do you want to know what’s going through Loona’s mind when she looks at you? Open the inner world and find out!
  • 【Quiet Mode optimazation】
The time for Loona to enter quiet mode without any interaction in Auto pilot mode has been changed from 5mins to 15mins.
In this update, we have implemented FPV of Loona, so that you can turn on Loona’s camera to control her, see the environment from her point of view and interact with your family and pets, but for now this feature is only available in the same LAN. We know that you are looking forward to the remote monitoring function (control of Loona via the Internet), but we are still working on it and will release it when we have optimized the power consumption of Loona in Sleep mode, which will allow Loona to be on standby for a longer period of time and to be woken up remotely for Internet control at any time.
This version adds a number of new actions for interaction between Loona and Gameball. Currently, Gameball interaction is only supported in Auto Pilot mode with the Gameball on the ground (the ball cannot be interacted with in the face mode currently). We will continue to develop new modes of interaction, including reactions given by Loona when the user holds the ball in the hand and throws it. Please let us know if you have any more interesting ideas!
The addition of voice commands enriched Loona’s performance, with Loona specializing in animals and some characters. Do you have any more interesting ideas on Loona’s performance?
Regarding graphical programming, considering that some users are new to graphical programming and are not yet able to create complex programs on their own, we have opened the function of sharing programs in this updated version. We expect more experienced and creative users to share their programs with the community, and our Loona team will also continue to introduce interesting and creative programs
We’ve felt the love from everyone for the inner world feature and this time we’ve updated Loona’s inner thoughts in face mode, which will give you a quick insight into Loona’s thoughts when interacting with her. Other modes of Loona’s inner thoughts will also be available in a later update
Thank you [redacted for privacy reasons] Love and suggestions for the inner world feature
At the same time, there seems to be a lot of controversy about Quiet mode – which is a real problem for us. We want Loona to have more time with you all, and are worried that Loona’s activity will disturb you. We’ve changed the time it takes for Loona to enter Quiet mode from 5mins to 15mins, but this may not be enough for all users, so we’ll continue to improve this part of the experience in the next update to make Loona more accessible to you.
Thanks to [redacted for privacy reasons] for the feedback on the Quiet mode
We never stop working on bringing a better user experience. We’ve encountered many new challenges in developing Loona, and we’re constantly working on optimizing and resolving bugs, as well as bringing more interesting ideas from the community to reality. The creativity of the Loona community is very important to its growth, and together we will make Loona the best petbot in the world. Thanks again to this warm and creative community.

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