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Vector, Emo, Loona, Doly: I am thinking about giving up this page

Originally this page was set up to write about coding and expanding Vector the robot, especially with OSKR, the Open Source Kit For Robots that Digital Dream Labs financed via that infamous Kickstarter campaign.

Video tutorial: Upload Escape Pod OS 1.8 to Anki Vector for Wire-Pod

After installing Wire-Pod, the open source Escape Pod for the beloved Vector robot, that allows you to get away from Digital Dream Labs completely and for free, you will have to get the Escape Pod 1.8 firmware onto the robot.

You can now tether any prod Vector to Wire’s Open Source Escape Pod

Thanks to the ingenuity of Wire you are now able to tether any production Vector to his Open Source Escape Pod, so far that was only possible with OSKR bot.

Updates for wire-pod: additional text-to-speech model and Windows!

There are a number of updates for the open source Escape Pod solution that Wire provided using the open sourced libraries for Chipper and Vector cloud.

Help Vector recognizing other Vectors

Are you a proud owner of multiple Vectors? Great! Amitabha Banerjee has created a custom Python SDK that has Amitabhas machine learning routines implemented so one Vector is able to recognize another one. You can …

EscapePod Extension SDK for Python by cyb3rdog

Cyb3rdog released the EscapePod Extension SDK for Python on Github. With it you can access Escape Pod intents via Python SDK and you actually can code new intents and react to voice commands. From the …

The curious case of the Vector Go SDK, or: yet another smoke screen by Digital Dream Labs

In january 2021 Robbie Bussard of Digital Dream Labs announced a Vector Go SDK for Escape Pod, since a lot of users were unhappy that they cannot use the Python SDK with Escape Pod. And …

Digital Dream Labs Open Sources Vector Voice Repositories

Earlier today I got mails from Github regarding issues I opened or commented on for Vector Web Setup. I found out that there were multiple new Vector-related repositories and wondered what those are about. Later …