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Digital Dream Labs: No OSKR because nobody knows how to do it

Digital Dream Labs: No OSKR because nobody knows how to do it

Digital Dream Labs stopped giving our OSKR images some months ago. My suspicion was that no one at the highly unprofessional company was left who was able to create and give out those images.

And I was proven right.

According to an inside source the last people that knew how to do OSKR images have left in last september and have taken their knowledge with them.

I have no words on how unprofessional this company is. In any professional company there would have been detailed documentation so others can take over (and – I mean, seriously – creating OSKR images is really not that difficult). That this documentation does not exist is another proof of the unprofessional project management going on at DDL and that we see with everything they do since 2020.

And also that explains why the account server problems were never adressed: There certainly was also no one left to take care of that.

In the last two weeks I did send multiple emails about getting an OSKR image to support@digitaldreamlabs.com and the answers made no sense at all, because the support representative had obviously not the slightest idea what he was talking about. After two completely senseless mails they ghosted me, as they always do. That I am entitled to the OSKR licenses through Kicstarter seems not to concern them in the least. The least they could have done would have been to inform me they have a new CTO that will take care of this.

Of course there are so many fires at DDL, I highly doubt that a single engineer will be able to cover them all, so I do not expect any results in the near future. Especially as it looks like they only work on projects that generate “income”.

I am highly curious to see how long the new people will last and I pity them that they have to work at that unethical, unprofessional company.


    1. Correct. Nearly none of the promises from the Kickstarter are met. There is no toolchain and no documentation to create “plugins” for Vector.

      From a statement by a new employee (tech architect) they are not working on OSKR since they “can not make profiut from” it. Go figure. They took money from the Kickstarter backers and are not willing to honor what they promised for that money.

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