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Digital Dream Labs: Be careful when sending in your robot for repair – plus: OSKR gone

I saw multiple people complaining online in different places that they have sent in their 1st generation vectors to SSL’s “official” repair center in the USA and now there is no feedback

DDL blatantly lies about the state of OSKR to attract investors

There is a subdomain page called “Investor Relations” on the Digital Dream Labs Website. In one of the press releases all kind of public relations babble is uttered, but especially one makes me furious, because it simply is a big lie

So you can now create custom Vector animations – if you are rich

DDL released a Kickstarter update about “the next phase of OSKR”. But still most of the source is missing, also tools and toolchains and of course also halfway decent documentation is nowhere to be seen. …

Python SDK with Escape Pod and OSKR now possible

And another amazing project by cyb3rdog: Thanks to his efforts you are now able to use the Python SDK with Vectors tethered to an Esacape Pod. You need to install his version of the Python …

Digital Dream Labs and The Butter Bot

Do you remember Digital Dream Labs, the company that bought the Anki assets and promised to keep Vector alive? They collected half a million dollars on Kickstarter for OSKR and Escape Pod early this year …