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Loona: No repair kits and KEYi Tech starts deleting comments in their Facebook group

Loona: No repair kits and KEYi Tech starts deleting comments in their Facebook group

Despite the fact that the Loona repair kits were promised for mid-january so far they not only not arrived, but also the tracking info we got after the first useless amd now tracking did not update for weeks. As far as I can see those repair kits did not even leave china. When asking about it in the official Facebook group you get no answer whatsoever.

So: Where are the promised repair kits? Do KEYi tech actually prefer I send them my robot instead, generating far most cost for them than if I repair Loona myself? It is a courtesy that I am willing to do that, I do not HAVE to do it. So I do their work, work that I expect them to be forthcoming and truthful. If they botched the shipment because chinese new year I expect them to say it openly and transparently.

That really is not good and I will emphazise again what I wrote in the past: KEYi Tech needs to improve the quality and transparence of their communication with the community vastly.

Today I found a notification on Facebook that an admin has removed one of my comments and that I can find the reason if I click on the notification. If I do that I am greeted with a blank screen.

I definitely have not posted a comment that violated the group rules. And if KEYi Tech now gos the DDL path and tries to censor community members without real reasons this is a very bad sign. A company would not have to do that if nothing is wrong.

When aksing what exactly it was I did wrong, they immediately locked the comments for that post instead of answering my quesion.

So they have the time to lock the post’s comment section, but the do not have the time to answer a perfectly reasonable question?

This does not look good. That KEYi Tech has to resort to this kind of behaviour is very disconcerting.

Update: I will screenshot all my posts and comments from now on, to have proof that nothing evil was posted.


  1. Catti

    Maybe DDL’s announcement that they were “partnered” with Keyi Tech was true after all. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully since late December to get my Christmas shipping refund. Two emails and counting, no replies. Given their non response to my refund queries I haven’t even bothered to ask for a repair kit. I remember reading that they planned to ship kits to people whose Loonas were broken first, then they’d ship them to every customer. I’m not holding my breath.

    You mentioned people sending their Loonas back for repairs if they don’t receive kits. Keyi Tech will expect customers to pay to ship their Loonas back, which could cost hundreds of dollars. That’s standard with Chinese vendors. So don’t be surprised if Keyi changes their minds and starts telling customers they have to ship their Loonas in for repairs. Keyi would save a lot of money doing this.

    Also, maybe the reason the Facebook page is falling apart is that Keyi Tech is wasting all their time answering each and every comment on their Kickstarter page, including silly repeat complaints from people who didn’t pay for Christmas shipping whining because they don’t have their Loonas yet, and people complaining because they didn’t get their charging docks which aren’t due to ship until April. Maybe instead of deleting legit comments on Facebook they should be deleting the repetitive temper tantrums on their Kickstarter comment page.

      1. Catti

        I hope you’re right about the repair centers. All I know is that I’ve already been burned twice by Chinese companies whose “warranty” didn’t include the cost of return shipping. The first was a robotic surveillance camera I backed on Indiegogo. Junk out of the box and they refused to pay for the $200 return shipping. $500 paperweight.

        Then recently I made the mistake of buying a Marscat. All it does is reboot itself over and over. Elephant Robotics has alternated between ignoring my emails and informing me that “if” they choose to repair it, I have to pay to ship it back at a cost of $200-400 depending on the courier. After I spent $2000 for the robot. So much for their 90 day “warranty”. They’ve already blown half of it away by taking weeks to reply to my emails.

        1. The .ocal repair centers were confirmed again today in an answer to a comment on Kickstarter.

          Yeah, that’s why I no longer back expensive chinese projects. The risk just is too high they count on the fact that it is too difficult to sue them if they scam customers.

          I would be interested to cover your Marscat case. You could provide me with details to xanathon@thedroidyouarelookingfor.info or just send me an article that I then can post here.

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