Downgrading to Escape Pod 1.0.x: a nightmare

Because I finally found the time to play with Cyb3rvector and am highly amazed by what it can do. Something like this should have been created by Digital Dream Labs, but they were not able to do that in two years. Instead Cyb3dog did it in mere weeks.

Testing Escape Pod 1.8.2: Sigh!

Yesterday I took the time to test the latest iteration of Ecape Pod, it has the version number 1.8.2, even if I see absolutely nothing that would warrant a version jump from 1.0.x to 1.8.1. My main reason to look at it was that I wanted to connect Cyb3rvector Extension Engine Interface to it. But, man, this is still a mess.

EscapePod Extension SDK for Python by cyb3rdog

Cyb3rdog released the EscapePod Extension SDK for Python on Github. With it you can access Escape Pod intents via Python SDK and you actually can code new intents and react to voice commands. From the …

The curious case of the Vector Go SDK, or: yet another smoke screen by Digital Dream Labs

In january 2021 Robbie Bussard of Digital Dream Labs announced a Vector Go SDK for Escape Pod, since a lot of users were unhappy that they cannot use the Python SDK with Escape Pod. And …