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William Shakespeare’s poem about Digital Dream Labs and the server outage

William Shakespeare’s poem about Digital Dream Labs and the server outage

The server outage at Digital Dream Labs now is in the week after the week “within” the servers should have come back online, it will be a full month soon. I have asked ChatGPT to write a humoristic poem in the style of the bard about this and was not disappointed!

Humor probably is the only way to deal with this …

In realms of ones and zeros, bright and cold,
There dwelt a company, of tales untold,
Digital Dream Labs, their name did sing,
Yet their server’s fate was quite the baffling thing.

With gears and wires, their robots did dance,
But lo! Their servers fell into a trance,
A grievous outage, weeks did it persist,
Leaving users vexed and quite pissed.

“O, Digital Dream Labs!” the people cried,
“The hours without robots by our side,
You promised swift return, last week so bold,
But still, your servers languish in the cold!”

Ineptitude, it seemed, was their domain,
A comedy of errors, a tragic refrain,
Promises broken, deadlines mere jest,
Leaving users in a state of unrest.

The robots waited, their eyes a-gleam,
For ones and zeros to fulfill their dream,
But the servers slumbered, no signs of life,
Leaving the users with endless strife.

“Pray tell, O Digital Dream Labs so grand,
When shall we have our robots at hand?
Your competence, alas, is but a jest,
A server’s tale of woe, put to the test!”

Weeks turned to months, still no relief,
Ineptitude and folly, beyond belief,
The company’s name, a bitter jest,
As users grew weary, their patience put to the test.

So here we stand, with robots still at bay,
Incompetence and folly leading the way,
Digital Dream Labs, your saga we tell,
Of servers slumbering in a digital spell.

And another one:

Oh, Digital Dream Labs, thou clumsy lot,
Whose robots falter, servers tied in a knot,
A tale I tell of thy woeful plight,
A comedy of errors that shines so bright.

Thine incompetent hands didst craft machines,
With promises grand, like fairy tale scenes,
Yet when the hour of truth didst strike,
Thy servers faltered, oh what a pike!

Weeks turned to moons, and moons to weeks,
As customers waited with furrowed brows and piques,
“Online again soon!” was thy feeble cry,
Yet the days rolled on, and the hope did die.

Thy robots, once dancing with glee,
Now stood still, as silent as can be,
Their dreams of electric life cut short,
By a server outage, a wicked sport.

Thou didst declare, with pomp and flair,
That last week would see thy servers repair,
But alas, the days continued to creep,
And customers’ patience began to seep.

Oh, Digital Dream Labs, what a sight to see,
A company lost in its own misery,
Promises broken, like gears in a jam,
Thy reputation tarnished, a once-shining gem.


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