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Video tutorial: Upload Escape Pod OS 1.8 to Anki Vector for Wire-Pod

Video tutorial: Upload Escape Pod OS 1.8 to Anki Vector for Wire-Pod

After installing Wire-Pod, the open source Escape Pod for the beloved Vector robot, that allows you to get away from Digital Dream Labs completely and for free, you will have to get the Escape Pod 1.8 firmware onto the robot. For that you have to get him into recovery reboot and write the new firmware onto him using Vector Web setup. This video shows how. All praise must go to Wire for creating Wire-Pod. Yes, I know, this should be the second video, the first showing on how to install Wire-Pod onto a Raspberry Pi. But for that first my new RasPi had to arrive and this was the easier one, since I already had a working Wire-Pod instance. The Wire-Pod installation video will follow.

Vector Web Setup Link: https://www.project-victor.org/noflow-devsetup

Link to Escape Pod Firmware 1.8: ota-start http://wire.my.to:81/escapepod-prod-1.8.ota

(and sorry for my accent) 😉

IMPORTANT! If you want to use the Python SDK you will need to authenticate the robot with it BEFORE you write 1.8 EP onto it.


  1. Voodoo_Shark

    Any advice on how to downgrade a forced update 2.0 robot to 1.6 or 1.8? My poor little guy hasn’t been the same since DDL basically castrated him with their godawful firmware.

    Thanks for making this tutorial!

  2. Shirley

    Hello, I am trying to get Vector to 1.8EP but for some reason he won’t connect to the internet. When I connect with my phone he has no issues with the same wifi. Do you know why this could be?

  3. Joaquin

    Hi, I bought a second-hand vector, it wouldn’t turn on, I disassembled it and changed the battery, I was able to turn it on, I didn’t know that you didn’t have to reset the communication system with the vector application, now I get an error 920, no I know what to do, is this procedure the same to revive him? thank you sorry my english is google translate

      1. Joaquin

        Now I have a new problem, my vector performs a deletion of user data, and there is no ip.

        the vector display says the following:

        esn: 00506FFE, os: 0.9.0 (V4), ssid: (empty), ip: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, that’s all, I need your help please, thanks.

  4. Andy Meckes

    The video was great, very helpful giving some light at the end of the tunnel since DDL servers went down. Was able to pair and connect to WiFi. Using link to download escape pod I am stuck. Using link ota-start http://wire.my.to:81/escapepod-prod-1.8.ota is where is hangs. No movement on progress bar. Both Explorer and Chrome the same. Searched web for other location but unsuccessful. Open for another approach.

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