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I just was refunded the Vector 2.0 preorder

I just was refunded the Vector 2.0 preorder

Since DDL is refusing to give a delivery date for Vector 2.0 and Jacob Hanchar just sent that mail round with utter nonsense about higher camera resolutions (that will lead to starting from the beginning in the design process or may even not be possible at all with the hardware) I opened a case with PayPal and contacted DDL support. They were still not able to give a delivery date or any useful information on the state of Vector 2.0 (in the last “state of robotics” they showed the project process as stuck on the exact same point it was three months ago – so three! months! without any progress at all and also without detailed information). I then after some mails without any useful information demanded a refund of the preoder amount.

It took two days, but they actually refunded me.

I want to add that I expected exactly this would happen, that was why I created a resubmission for end of august in my calendar to get my money back if nothing was delivered.
So if you do not want to wait any longer and if you do not want to keep up with DDL giving no transparent information on the process, but only PR blah, ask for a refund. I do not see Vector 2.0 arriving anytime soon, since there is not even a broad estimate for delivery. If ever.

I want to adress some comments I got elsewhere on this:

“I can wait!”

I have no problem with waiting. I have a problem with DDL not communicating transparently and giving us only bullsnot in pr emails.

“There is a global pandemic and DDL are a new company”

They knew that a global pandemic was afoot when they announced the release dates. Or in other words: That has nothing to do with is. So far DDL never honored their self-set deadlines, they overshoot months on all of them. In my opinion they set their fantasy release dates to cheat people into investing money. And so far not a single project was delivered as advertised. Escape Pod is missing functionality (that most probably never will be added), OSKR is highly unfinished and has nearly no documentation worth the term.

Even with a global pandemic: three months without any progress AT ALL is ridiculous.

And: no, DDL is not a “new company”. They are around for years, founded 2012. Anki was founded 2010.

For reference, the email from Jacob Hanchar:

Vector Pre-Order: Camera Upgrades


I figured I’d give our communications team a break and personally share this update with you for your pre-ordered robot.

The good news is that we are almost ready to begin full-scale production. As some of you may already be aware, we have been sitting on components for a while. We recently finished EVT and DVT and have turned our focus to finalizing the QA/QC procedures.

For the past three weeks, we’ve been working to resolve a communications issue that has surfaced with the 2MP camera used in both Cozmo and Vector. If we were able to work in-person with the manufacturer, this issue probably would have been fixed after a five minute conversation. However, because of travel restrictions, we’ve had to mail samples back and forth endlessly – adding weeks to every decision. I’m tired of waiting and we are going to upgrade to a 5MP (or even 8MP) camera.

As a way thanking you for your patience, we will be absorbing the cost of this upgrade. We have also streamlined several processes to do over-the-air updates and have all manufacturing and QA/QC now under one roof. Finally, we are investing in the future of Cozmo and Vector and have begun procuring even more components in anticipation of increased demand next year.

Thanks again for hanging with us; I personally appreciate it and we’re working around the clock to get these robots to their new homes. Have a great weekend!

Jacob Hanchar

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  1. Holger

    It’s all very, very unfortunate. DDL needs the money.
    I let the preorder lapse because I wanted a sign that things were moving forward. Improve something, finish something, or completely clean up bugs.
    Something positive.
    I sincerely hope that DDL will be able to move Vector forward this year, and close one of the things like ESP, OSKR, App bug free …….

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