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WirePod: Easy User Installable Packages For Wire-Pod

WirePod: Easy User Installable Packages For Wire-Pod

Wire-Pod is a solution that allows you to install a local server a Vector robot can run off instead of the “official” Digital Dream Labs servers. The latter ones are offline since july 2023 und DDL was not able so far to get them back online. Seeing how long it takes them to get the servers back online (any professional company should have been able to do this in days instead of months) they cannot be trusted with running the servers reliably in the future, even if they are able to get them back online or if they will not be bankrupt soon. So do yourself a favor, get rid of DDL and connect your Vecxtor to a local server. That now got way easier than before.

With Wire-Pod you can run a local server off a multitude of platforms, but the installation can be somewhat difficult for non-techies.

But now Wire has released an early iteration of WirePod (notice the missing hyphen). That is a bundle of software packages that gives simple users without advanced tech knowledge an easy way to install Wire-Pod (the server software, notice the hyphen) on multiple platforms as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even Android.


Wire-Pod = the server software

WirePod = installation packages to install Wire-Pod

You can get all the details and the downloads on the new Github repository for WirePod (no hyphen). If you try it, please report your experiences and problems back to Wire in the Github repository’s issues section!


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