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Enroll new faces with Vector Explorer or Cyb3rVector

Vector Explorer is a nifty Windows program by Wayne Venables, that not only enables you to control your Vector. For future reference you can find a link to it in the sidebar of this blog …

Downgrading to Escape Pod 1.0.x: a nightmare

Because I finally found the time to play with Cyb3rvector and am highly amazed by what it can do. Something like this should have been created by Digital Dream Labs, but they were not able to do that in two years. Instead Cyb3dog did it in mere weeks.

Teaser: Cyb3rVector – EscapePod Extension

cyb3rdog shows an upcoming option to use Vector Codelab (a.k.a Cyb3rVector) in conjunction with Escape Pod to add new intents in a video teaser on Youtube . Basically you add intents in Codelab and those …