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Jank Escape Pod becomes wire-pod

Jank Escape Pod becomes wire-pod

Wire did more work on his Open Source Escape Pod and since it came a long way since the alpha it was now renamed wire-pod. From Discord:

i feel i have removed enough jank to give it a new name https://github.com/kercre123/wire-pod much of the code has been overhauled. i still recommend using jank-escape-pod if you are using a pi or other arm device since i am still working on adding arm support again

You can access this lates version via the Github-Link above.

Please be clear about the fact, that this still only works with dev-bots.

In addition to the new version, Wire also still works on new features, that are still in a test phase, for example messaging:

i also added support for the messaging feature. if you go to webViz’s Features tab and enable messaging (you may need to reboot too), you should be able to ask him “record a message for <name>” and “play a message for <name>”. it seems to be a little broken though, at least on wireos. he records a message and outputs it to wav in /data, but doesnt play it

What the community still needs desperately is a way to jailbreak prod Vectors to get them onto this Open Source Escape Pod to become independent of Digital Dream Labs at last.

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