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EscapePod Extension SDK for Python by cyb3rdog

EscapePod Extension SDK for Python by cyb3rdog

Escape Pod Extension

Cyb3rdog released the EscapePod Extension SDK for Python on Github. With it you can access Escape Pod intents via Python SDK and you actually can code new intents and react to voice commands.

From the Github:

This is the EscapePod Python SDK for Cyb3rVector’s EscapePod Extension Proxy.

With this SDK, you can:

  • maintain all your EscapePod intents from Python code

  • dynamically create new extension intents from code

  • react to and override all Vector’s voice commands, including those created on the fly

  • and more…

You can read more about it and download or git clone it from the repository page on Github.

Caveat: You will need knowledge of the coding language Python and basic linux knowledge to use this.


  1. Holger

    I have updated the SDK and made the remaining changes manually. It is explained very nicely in the script under “branch”. I would like to align the whole question catalogue with the stock vector.
    It would be necessary to know which file(s) the changes affect in order to save them so that they are not lost after an update by DDL. In terms of behaviour, the Esp Vector is worse than 1.6 and 1.8.

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