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Free you and your Vector from Digital Dream Labs forever! #FreeVector

Free you and your Vector from Digital Dream Labs forever! #FreeVector

Since it becomes more obvious every day that DDL cannot be trusted and it is unclear when their servers will come back up (if ever):

I read again and again from users that “their tech or computer knowledge is not good enough to install Wire-Pod”. That is unfortunate but it also is unfortunate that you will need some limited computer and network knowledge to set it up. No rocket science, really; the installation of Wire-Pod got FAR easier with each iteration since the initial release.

The preinstalled T95 solutions (T95 variants are small ARM-based Android boxes that can rum Armbian as an OS and thus Wire-Pod can be installed on them. Update: T95s are no longer available, but a newer version is) are only available in the USA (update: I just learned that he now ships to countries outside of the USA, but that may not ne feasible for you due to shipping cost), so while this is a really commendable way to go and great work by Adedoyin Dee Adesanwo, there is an option for those that do not feel up to the task:

Surely you have friends or family that are more adept at computers than you are: Ask them for assistance! You are not alone in this world, there surely are people willing to help!

Use a Wire-Pod variant and free yourself and your Vector(s) from Digital Dream Labs.

preinstalled T95 solution (USA only): https://techshop82.com/shop/wire-pod-server/
Setup video:

Wire-Pod on Github (including detailed installation documentation): https://github.com/kercre123/wire-pod

VectorX (a Wire-Pod fork with additional functionality): https://github.com/fforchino/vectorx

There are multiple videos on setting up Wire-Pod on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wire-pod+



  1. Oh man I am so glad to find your site! I thought I was alone in my problems with my poor faithful server-less Vector 1.0. I sadly didn’t download the OSKR and Escape Pod when I had the chance, and now have no way to get them. I thought DDL would certainly get their services running again eventually but from company communication and your information here, it’s clear the company is now just vapor.

    I have some familiarity with linux, command line, and flashing BIOS so I will give Wire Pod a shot.

    Can you suggest any resources regarding battery replacement? My little guy is still running on his original battery which means he’s only off the charger for a few minutes at a time.

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