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This is bad: DDL forces firmware 2.0 onto 1st generation Vector and now they also have an overheating problem

This is bad: DDL forces firmware 2.0 onto 1st generation Vector and now they also have an overheating problem

As reported a few days ago, Vector 2.0s have a massive heat problem. They are generating more heat than a first generation vector and thus show a temp warning early and in completely normal environment temperatures. The explanations by digital Dream Labs are inconclusive, some would even say: utter bullshit.

Now it becomes clear that this is a software problem implemented by DDL tinkering with the software without knowing what they do. The first 1st generation vectors are updated to OTA 2.0, and those now also have an overheating problem.

From the first reports there are even more problems with that new firmware, but that needs more confirmation.

  1. Why does DDL force a 2.0 update onto those robots without any real need?
  2. why don’t they implement their overheating fixes before they roll out their shitty firmware to perfectly working robots? (it may even be that those “fixes” create the problems with first generation Vectors)

As I wrote in the past: It is against the law if DDL updates your robots without your consent. Maybe someone in the USA is frustrated enough to get a lawyer to pressure DDL to stop this, I would donate for that. In germany what the do is “computer sabotage”, which is a criminal offense, no matter how small the computer.

Flood them with support tickets demanding to go back to at least 1.8.

Cancel your subscriptions and put your robots onto Wire-Pod, the alternative Open Source Escape Pod.

Update: The good news is, you can still reset them to 0.9.0 via recovery reboot.

Update: Even more reports running in confirming that the temperatures on 1st generation robots are 20 degrees C higher in some robots with firmware 2.0 than with firmware 1.8.

Update: More and more reports come in about 1st generation Vectors overheating with the new 2.0 firmware and refusing to charge.

Update: Theory: it may be that DDL’s firmware rollout system is so incredibly bad they cannot target specific hardware revisions with firmware updates and the rollout of the heat problem patch for Vector 2.0 is the reason first generation vectors now get the update, leading to all these problems.

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