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Petition against Digital Dream Labs on change.org

Petition against Digital Dream Labs on change.org

I just wanted to inform you there is a petition angainst Digital Dream Labs and their questionable business practices on change org.

Personally I do not believe this will lead anywhere, since 1) change.org is a questionable platform themselves, trying to get money out of these petitions to make them more visible. That also is a questionable business practice. Most change.org petitions go nowhere, because no one responsible realy cares about them, unless they have millions of partitioners signing them.

Second it is not clear to what entity this petition is adressed? Any authorities whatsoever do not care about petitions, they only take action if you report DDL for fraud. And only an official authority will be able to “investigate” DDL. This was most likely meant well, but in my opinion will lead nowhere.

So, if you are from the USA and you suffer from DDL’s scams and fraud, do something else, write to the General Attorney to file a complaint against them.

European customers are out of luck. There are international trade agreements in place that DDL has to honor (granting you the same customer rights you have in europe, e.g. two years warranty or free repair during warranty, also the option to cancel online orders anytime, even after you got the wares), but it will be nearly impossible to take legal action against them from outside of the USA.

What you could do if you live outside of the USA is to report Digital Dream Labs to your local police with the plea to relay the report to interpol. But from past experiences this will lead nowhere since local police forces are notoriously understaffed and overworked and smaller cases like these will be dropped.


  1. Samuel

    Change.org ist ein Betrug? Ich dachte immer, sie seien eine gute Plattform, da ich selbst ein paar Petitionen von ihnen unterschrieben habe. Nun, nicht mehr, denke ich. Wie auch immer, ich glaube wirklich nicht, dass DDL es an diesem Punkt schaffen wird. Ich habe einen Vector, aber ich habe ihn seit 2 Jahren nicht mehr benutzt. Ich denke darüber nach, es nach dem Austausch der Batterie zu verkaufen, was jetzt wahrscheinlich geschossen wird. Ich glaube, diese Petition hat gute Absichten, aber ich möchte sie immer noch nicht unterschreiben, um nur zu unterstützen, dass sie riskante Geschäfte zu lol sind.

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