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Vector 2.0: As everyone expected there are even more delays

Vector 2.0: As everyone expected there are even more delays

From DDL’s “state of manufacturing” website:

Production Update 7/14/2022

FCC and other regulatory testing is ongoing- it is moving a bit slower than expected (since Vector ships with a digital accessory they have to test both Vector and his Cube) but we have not had any hiccups or unexpected issues come up during testing. This is promising! We hope to wrap up regulatory testing shortly.
Once FCC and other regulatory compliance testing is complete, there are a few final steps:
Finalize production:
Finish assembly of all pre-order window robots.
Mark all assembled units with the necessary regulatory markings.
Begin shipping:
Ship assembled units to regional distribution points.
From regional distribution hubs, ship units to final destination.
Along the way, the team has a few other projects to work on, specifically updating addresses and other contact information for all customers, as well as working to finalize release of the 2.0 software and make this available to all Vector robots.
We’re close, and we’re so excited. Stay tuned!

Lets have a closer look at this:

  • “FCC and other regulatory testing is ongoing – it is moving a bit slower than expected”

Of course. That is exactly what others and me predicted. FCC certification is not as fast as DDL claimed.

  • “Finish assembly of all pre-order window robots.”

So the boxing videos were fake? How can robots be boxed that are not even assembled?

  • “Mark all assembled units with the necessary regulatory markings.”

So either the robots were boxed and now need to be unboxed to add the regulatory certification IDs or the robots were never boxed and that was just another DDL lie.

And what about the robots that are already in Pittsburgh, so Hanchar could sign them and that should have been shipped over a week ago, by his words to customers? Will those be shipped without a certification ID? Will they need to be shipped back to china to get a certification ID added there? Why did he sign those robots anyway? That was not part of the deal and only a superfluous PR stunt and/or an expression of his bloated ego.

And please notice that there are no timeframes at all. They talk about “shipping to local distribution points” but there is no exact word on when this will happen. Most probably because they simply do not know.

First they need to receive the certifications and no one knows how much longer that will take. Then they will have to stamp that info on each end every Vector 2.0 and on the cubes (the Anki cubes have the FCC certification info printed onto them, the DDL cubes also will need this), which will take quite some time, unless they have a production process for that in place. Knowing DDL they most probably have not. The FCC info should have been there before production start so it would have been possible to print it onto the robot during production. Now there will be an additional step most probably taking a lot of time AGAIN.

I heard from third parties, but this info is unconfirmed, that DDL tries to rake in another two Million dollars funding. It may be they are hanging by a thread financially because of all the desasters?


  1. Kim Solway

    Two years this is waiting for and you took grants and you have no staff left that know the robots and you took vectors behaviour away from users and was free by Anki on the box so all existing vector robots should be free ,and you can only make people pay for 2.0 as it it your robot

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