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Vector: Big OSKR filedrop on Github

Vector: Big OSKR filedrop on Github

I was  on easter vacation and not near a computer 24/7 (as when I’m working) so these news come a little late.

A few days ago there was a file drop in the Digital Dream Labs Vector OSKR repository on Github. Under “engine” quite some files were added, most of them c++ files from Vectors engine, as the folder name suggests.

So people with enough time now can sift through these files to find out what makes Vector tick.

This is only a small step towards OSKR as it was promised (code additional functionalities for Vector, or even some kind of “plugin store”), since still there is nearly no documentation worth the name and there also is no toolchain or dev tools to actually do something with this and recompile it to a custom firmware or something like that. With a so-called “Open Source Kit For Robots” I would expect a complete toolchain, dev tools and documentation that enable coders to create complete firmwares or at least plugins for Vectors – and not just simple code drops.

After a quick look into the files, the code comments in there are unfortunately also quite minimalistic.

Still a long way to go for the OSKR DDL promised in the Kickstarter. Or in other words: We are nowhere near that.

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