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Improved version of OSKR documentation by Randy Maas

Improved version of OSKR documentation by Randy Maas

Randy Maas, the creator of the indispensible and amazing “Vector Bible“, has forked the OSKR installation documentation on Github and then improved it greatly to clarify some things that are incomplete, unclear or problematically phrased in the original DDL manual.

In addition he wrote a concise checklist for the OSKR OTA installation. This will help people that have problems installing the OSKR firmware onto their robot. It seems that especially the fact that you need to boot the bot into recover y mode is overlooked often.

You can find Randy’s forked documentation on Github. You may need to compile it via Sphinx, but you also can read the docs directly on Github.

What we are still missing after all this time to make real use of OSKR is the source code and developer tools.

Update: It looks like his changes were already merged into the official documentation (at least on Github).


  1. Holger

    Apart from all the possibilities and the actual purpose that the OSKR opens up, does Vector work better through the installation, more error-free, different from the stock firmware, or is no difference noticeable in its behavior….

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