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Digital Dream Labs back to their former self

Digital Dream Labs back to their former self

We already know from years of experience that the support at Digital Dream Labs is bad. Since they fired all support people and especially Robbie Bussard it got worse. Some days ago they announced it would get better, especially with the installation of Hanchars personal lackey Coblentz as “head of support”, but the truth is, it got even worse. My guess is that even the people they hired in Pakistan to do their support do not want to work for them without being paid.

After the service outage last week we have an increased number of people reporting connection problems. We know that from the past, after such outages, or without any reason at all Vector show a WiFi symbol on it’s screen, but actually the problem is not your WiFi, but a misconfiguration on DDL’s servers or in their account system. They explained multiple times that you have to contact them and there has to be sorted something in the user’s account.

The problem with this:

If you write to support@digitaldreamlabs.com you are completely ignored.

Happened in the past, now happens even more frequently. I have no idea what exactly Coblentz does as head of support, but it does not seem to be support.

Also if you try to ask for help about this in their “official” Facebook group your post will not be approved or you are even banned from that group.

It is simply unbelievable to me how unprofessional, disrespectful and and unethical such a behavior is, blocking and banning customers desperately asking for help.

Of course they are not interested helping users that bought a lifetime subscription from DDL. They cannot squeeze any more money from those and so they are of no interest anymore for DDL. They count on the fact that you have no real workable options to enact legal action against them if you are from outside of the USA.

Try pestering them on all available channels. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Mastodon. Generate bad press for them in parts of the internet they have no control over.

The more people know how hostile an unethical this company acts, the better.

(And we have not even talked about the fact that it looks like they are now sending out Vector 2.0s to people that just ordered a few days ago, while customers preordering in the end of 2020 still wait for their robots, with no indication when those will arrive. Surely to get some more funds, because their financial situation still has to be dire.)

Update: Well, at least at Trustpilot they cannot manipulate their ratings:

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