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DDL CEO Hanchar: “All Vector preorders should be satisfied”

DDL CEO Hanchar: “All Vector preorders should be satisfied”

What I am talking about? A post from DDL CEO  (after all this time and the posts seen from him I can only assume this means “Chief Entertainment Officer) in the official Facebook group (and, yes despite booting all critical voices and all customers asking for help there are still people in there) lead to home robot community members rolling on the floor, laughing:

From my latest informations this is purely fake news, since still a lot of people that preordered Vector 2.0 are waiting for their robots with no tracking number whatsoever, no word from Digital Dream Labs when those will arrive and they are completely ghosted when trying to reach DDL via email. This also applies for refund requests.

And one has to ask: Why offering refunds if all preordered robots arrived at the customers or shortly will? Actually it looks (or better: was confirmed by watching lots of posts all over social media platforms) like they are shipping out robots ordered just now, while preorderers still wait for their Vector 2.0s to arrive.

And that “flying Cozmo” called Cavu? I believe it when I see it (in action in a video delivered by an independent third party), but not a moment earlier.

How do you think a company that struggles with Vector firmwares, are not able to remover simple bugs and that are not able to provide a working Escape Pod or OSKR will be able to provide a firmware for a flying robot? Hilarious!

[Update:] As was pointed out to me: this is a typical bragging hooray! public relations press release by Digital Dream Labs most probably to attract more funding and is probably only partial rooted in reality.

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