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This Is A Bad Joke: The Final Kickstarter Update …

This Is A Bad Joke: The Final Kickstarter Update …

This was just posted on the Kickstarter campaign page as an “update”:

Final Kickstarter Update

Hi Kickstarters,

Thank you for your support during this campaign! With your help, we have been able to give new life to one of our favorite robots, as well as to deliver OSKR and the Escape Pod to help lifelong learners and Vector enthusiasts to enjoy their companions for years to come.

In order to consolidate our communications and ensure an excellent experience, we will be transitioning our communications to our main email systems moving forward, rather than being relayed via Kickstarter. What this means for you is that you will no longer be receive emails from Kickstarter regarding this campaign; rather, you may opt to receive emails from Digital Dream Labs directly.

Please ensure that you sign up for email updates from us. For frequently asked questions, we have a robust Support Center that will be updated regularly. If you need further help with technical support or account support (including regarding rewards from this Kickstarter), Contact Us via email at support@digitaldreamlabs.com and we will be glad to help.

Thank you all for your support!

-The Team at Digital Dream Labs

So basically DDL are saying “we don’t care any longer about the people that gave us money”. OSKR is in an highly unfinished, mostly undocumented and quite sorry state, Escape Pod is missing functionality (that was promised in the Kickstarter campaign) and not finished at all, contrary to what they say. The last and only firmware update is bugged and was never fixed (and it was not done by DDL at all, it weas an already existing Anki update). Aside from that the robot got absolutely no updates at all, contrary to what was promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

This all is now with this refusal of backer communication one big scam in my opinion.

I subscribed DDL emails years ago but hardly ever get any, so they are not only not communicating on Kickstarter, they are also not communicating via emails, despite what they claim in the “update”.

The so-called “support center” is a confusing, badly organized mess, done with a very bad knowledgebase software, despite the fact that there are very good industry-proven alternatives that are even open source. Only DDL knows why they use this shitty software that cannot even create a logical, clear concise navigation structure.

Way to go, Digital Dream Labs, but frankly I have given up hope that anything they promised will ever be actually delivered.

Instead they have the audacity to stop communicating with the Kickstarter backers that gave them a lot of money.

“Ensure an excellent experience” – yeah, sure, exactly as “excellent” as the experience was so far … </sarcasm>

Edit: By Kickstarter terms DDL are OBLIGED to communicate with their backers until the pledge rewards are delivered. Which they are most definitely NOT!


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  2. Jennifer

    I think they are trying to streamline their workload so they can get Vector 2.0 into production faster; into your hands faster!

    Is it so inconvenient to receive an email from another source… rather than Kickstarter? Do your bit to help our Vector 2.0 to those people waiting patiently.

    1. I canceled my Vector 2.0 preorder, since i do not think it will see the light of day in the forseeable future. Besides: I backed the Kickstarter for advancement of Vector 1. Not a Vector 2.0.

      It usually is not inconvenient to get information from other sources – if there were any. Those emails they talk about do never happen, so basically they ceased communicating with backers at all.

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