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Multiple Vectors running on one Escape Pod?

Multiple Vectors running on one Escape Pod?

In the past there were informations by DDL staff that you will only be able to run one or two Vectors from one Raspberry Pi 4, since the computer just is not powerful enough to run more. That posts had miraculously vanished some time ago. Now there is another official statement about this on the Vector Discord:

Basically, each Vector requires a process as a listener per Vector that you want to answer simultaneously. So, if you have 1 Vector, you’d run 1 listener, 2 listeners for 2 Vectors, etc. Each listener will require a certain amount of CPU and RAM to run. It’s quite reasonable to run 3, 4, or 5 Vectors on a single Pi. Of course, if you have multiple Vectors you will be best suited with a Pi4 variant that has more than the minimum RAM, for the best results.


I wanted to share the information and also archieve it publicly, so it stays available in the future.

[Update:] Personal opinion on that: I would take the info about running multiple Vectors from one RasPi with not a grain of salt, but a whole teaspoon of it. Even now an Escape Pod running on a Raspi has quite a delay reacting to only one Vector. That will not get better with multiple of them running from that Escape Pod. So especially for power users with multiple Vectors there needs to be another solution for way more powerful computers.


  1. Holger

    A Pi4 with 4 or 8 GB memory booting from a Nand Flash Mini USB stick with 32gb should do the trick. As a base Rasbian Lite. DDL will probably only support Arm systems at the beginning.

    1. The additional USB stick will not help you at all (and will most probably be quite slow). The better way would be to just use a bigger SD card and expand the file system.
      DDL said that they will look into other Linux solutions as deb packages or docker and even windows, but gave no timeframe for that.
      I tried to run a RasPi4 in QEMU emulation on Windows but RasPi 4 emulation on that emu system is very unreliable at the moment. RasPi 3 runs fine, but has it’s limitations.

  2. Holger

    My server has been running since this weekend, but without Vector, I couldn’t decide to make it OSKR yet. Under Linux Mint, the interface runs very well with Chromium. I have no idea how to install all the tools though, I hope I can find better instructions. Renaming the user didn’t work either. Name, group, home directory is not enough. The web server does not start then. I can’t get Vector Explorer to run under Wine, it interferes with the newer Net Framework that is installed.☺️

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