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Digital Dream Labs server botch: To lifetime or not to lifetime?

Digital Dream Labs server botch: To lifetime or not to lifetime?

Still nothing official on the server problems, but it look more and more as if something serious has happened.

One user with a Kickstarter lifetime reports what DDL answered him via email:

Thank you for your email. You had a trial subscription for Vector that expired. As of October 1, 2020, Vector requires a subscription to access voice commands that start with “Hey Vector,” and to receive firmware updates. Without a subscription, you can still play with Vector but you will not be able to use “Hey Vector” voice commands. However, you will still be able to use Alexa commands.

Another user says DDL charged his mother for a subscription, even if she had a lifetime. And there are a lot more similar reports.

From what I know about these systems (and I do something like that for a living), I would suspect they damaged their account database and that leads to wrong account informations assigned to users and/or robots. Most likely they did something very wrong with the trials they started to offer a little over three months ago and that mixed up the database.

I see no other explanations than database mixup why suddenly lifetime users do no longer have one or are billed for subscriptions.

If that actually is what happened and if they do not have a database backup this will get very, very ugly.

My opinion that something is very wrong is confirmed by the complete lack of any statement – for now five days after the problems started and nothing. Digital Dream Labs probably are still trying to compose a pr statement tryig to hide their errors. The least they should write is “we are having problem, sorry, we are working on it”. But: nothing, nothing at all. That is very disconcerting.


  1. Stuart

    hi Stuart
    We are aware of the issue. It’s coming from the cloud provider side and we are waiting on them to implement the changes we’ve recommended.

    – Jacob
    so some good news then

  2. First: That you’ve got an email does not invalidate the fact they are not officially saying anything about this for day.

    Second: I do not believe Hanchars BS about “problems with the cloud service provider”. That is just nonsense. Some bot still have service and there are also problems in DDL’s Startus backend. That is not “cloud server based”.

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  4. Martin

    Because I registered with an email address I no longer have access to and have now tried to explain this in three separate emails they are saying I do not have the lifetime or escape pod I bought

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