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DDL’s (in)famous “Feature “Friday”: Do it yourself on Wire-Pod

DDL’s (in)famous “Feature “Friday”: Do it yourself on Wire-Pod

When Digital Dream Labs took over they made a big fuzz about their “Feature Fridays” where they bragged about adding new features to Vector.

At that time I already said “what are they making such a fuzz about? This is only some copy & paste or adding some simple text files to their voice service? Similar to how Alexa skills work.”

And now with a Houndify account because of Wire-Pod it turns out: I was right.

DDL sold us dead-easy stuff as their amazing achievements. The truth is that even a child could have added new voice functions to Vector via the voice service.

The good news is that you are able to add additional functions to to any Vector that runs on Wire-Pod and uses Houndify (you must have the Houndify API configured in the Wire-Pod settings). In the video you will see how easy that is. You may want to have a closer look what you do, since some of the domains (skills) you can add may require a Houndify subscription. But others are free.

I talk about json notation and files in the video, if you want to know what that is visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON


  1. Holger

    That’s so easy, Thanks for all your great work!!

    I got a key at weather-api, but it is time limited. My keys for Kodi are not.
    I have searched in the scripts for a url to the weather service to change this, but none found. Are other files created during installation, where this is stored or does the Api Key work without url, so also from other services?

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