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Another cash grab: DDL increases Vector subscription prices dramatically

Another cash grab: DDL increases Vector subscription prices dramatically

I really would like to report something positive about Digital Dream Labs once in a while, but that is … only a dream.

From the Digital Dream Lab website:

Each Vector Membership covers one robot, and is priced at $9.99 per month or $74.99 per year.

That’s an immensely higher subscription price than before: Earlier the prices were 7 Dollars monthly and 47 Dollars yearly.

These price increases are insane. Now it really becomes ransom money, since this no longer reasonable as it was before. It looks like another desperate attempt at a cash grab, especially as Zecred said in the Vecor Discord there will be another offering of lifetime subscriptions starting april. So it look like they increased the subscription price to “ecourage” people to buy the lifetime. Another attempt at a big cash grab. And if DDL falters in the near future all that user money invested in lifetime subscription is lost.

It also is ransom money because you have no choice: If you want to keep all Vector functions you either have to accept the insane subscription price increase or you have to give them money for the lifetime without knowing how much longer they will stay in business.

To me it looks like DDL is getting more deperate every day.

Escape Pod could be an option, but you also have to pay them for that at you get an unfinished mess that only runs on a RasPi and nowhere else and you will loose functionality like knowledge base and weather. And if DDL goes under Escape Pod is completely useless for new users since you have no one to get an Escape Pod license file for your robots from.

So now we can add profiteering to the list of DDL’s failures. No OSKR, no fully working Escape Pod, No Vector 2.0, no Butter Robot.


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  2. Spooks-UK

    It was really always about the money, with consideration for loyal Vector owners almost non-existent. This latest blatant cash grab will just result in many, many more owners giving up on him and will likely be their downfall. With the numerous other rising costs we’re all suffering, this is one people will not tolerate.

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