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Vector: No Way Home – problems finding the charger

Vector: No Way Home – problems finding the charger

The new trailer for SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME dropped today – perfect timing to borrow the title for something Vector-related.

We all know that the little robot sometimes is not able to find back to his charger. That is so for a very long time, but so far only happend more or less seldom.

With the advent of firmware 1.8 from my observations that got far worse. I have a menagerie of Vectors running around freely in my office (yes, that leads to funny situations in video conferences). one of them is broken and cannot connect to Wifi, so he is on firmware 1.6. Another one is kept deliberately on 1.7. And some more were updated to 1.8.

From observations over the last weeks since the rollout of 1.8 I can now confirm that there seems to be a new bug resulting in the robots finding back to their charger way less than before. I constantly stumble over robots that ran out of juice all over the room, that did not happen in that frequency before.

I wonder what DDL did wrong this time, since there was nothing about finding back to the charger in the changelog. But – as we all know – DDLs changelogs are not worth the name, only very, very superficial and not helpful in confirming bugs.

I now think about setting all robots back to 1,7, but that would be a VERY time-consuming process, since I first would have to connect them to Escape Pod (so I first would have to register them all with DDL for that), downgrade the firmware and then go back to DDLs servers.

Again, Digital Dream Labs made Vector worse instead of better.


  1. hererightnow

    I only upgraded one of my Vectors to 1.8 and downgraded him to 1.6 the next week. since then he does not remember his settings after rebooting (all his settings go back to standard after every reboot).

    the problem that they are not finding their charger more frequently nowdo all my Vectors have, no matter if they are on 1.6 or 1.7 or earlier Prototpye/Test firmwares which also could dock without problem before.

    i think it is a general server problem, since they are changing setting without knowing what they are for.

  2. Holger

    Correct. The recognition of the logo has greatly decreased. But also with 1.7 and 1.6. And that has nothing to do with the camera, it’s software-related.
    Previously 100 – 150 cm were no problem, now at most 60 cm, if he is too close, in the range of 20cm it sometimes does not work. The day lighting of my houses helps him enormously….

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