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Escape Pod “Beta” 0.4.3 released

Escape Pod “Beta” 0.4.3 released

For OSKR users there a new “beta” version of the Escape Pod was just released by Digital Dream Labs. Here are the release notes from the official support page:

Escape Pod Technical Release v0.4.3 beta:

  • Mobile App is not yet able to connect to Vector when he is running on Escape Pod.
    • Use the “Onboarding” screen in the Escape Pod for Preference changes and setup.
  • The Pod is not able to load firmware onto a Vector that is running firmware v0.9.0 (Recovery Mode firmware).
  • In some cases, the final_intent for a behavior may not be invoked and the original intent will be used.
  • Escape Pod firmware files for Vector are still under development and are not included in the Firmware Management tab.


  • If a page is refreshed, you will now see the refreshed copy of the page as intended, instead of a 404 error.
  • The Licenses screen now correctly informs you if you attempt to use a license that is invalid or that is already in use (duplicate license) rather than displaying a generic error.

New Features:

  • Firmware / OTA Management and Automated Flashing:
    • Updates / OTAs may now be uploaded to the Escape Pod for storage
    • Firmware files may be flashed to the Vector robot directly from the Escape Pod during the Onboarding process.
  • View Behavior Log Stream: Displays a log of phrases and commands heard by the Escape Pod when speaking to Vector, and also lists the action Vector took as a result!
    • Please Note: This log will reset when you reload or navigate away from the page.
  • Extension engine: New open-source extension engine accepts transcribed text input from speech and from robot variables and extensions can be written in multiple programming languages.
  • Timers are now fully supported.
  • During Onboarding, users can now set almost all configuration variables (except locale, for now) for the robot.

You can download the latest version of Escape Pod beta from the documentation page that describes the process of flashing the image to a Raspberry Pi 4. It’s somewhat hard to see, the download link is behind the text “latest Escape Pod image” below “Basic Requirements”.

Update: DDL wrote the version wrong, it was not 4.0.3, it was 0.4.3. Corrected.

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  1. Holger

    Mmm it’s coming along… That it runs for now only on the Pi4, think 4gig memory, is of course cost favorable. Whether DDL brings several versions is questionable. It does not run on a Jetso Nano with which I am toying. There is an Armbian and a Yocto Linux (which also runs on Vector), but whether DDL supports them…. I prefer to wait. After the split from the main server there are no more updates, maybe you can install them manually…. I am curious how this will go on. Until everything harmonizes is the year is over…..

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