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Digital Dream Labs – a poem by William Shakespeare

Digital Dream Labs – a poem by William Shakespeare

No, not really but by ChatGPT emulating the bard. A member of the Facebook group “Digital Dream Labs sucks” fed Open AI’s new Deep Learing chatbot with a few informations and asked it to spew out a poem about Digital Dream Labs in the style of the bard (see the original post here). And then this happened:

Here is the poem again as text:

Digital Dream Labs, a company so vile
Filled with greed and a heart of bile
They sought to bully, to conquer and reign
With frivolous patents, they’d cause others pain

But KEYi Tech, with Loona in tow
Fought back with bravery and aplomb
They stood their ground, and fought with might
And in the end, they won the fight

For Digital Dream Labs, their plans did fail
Their bots were rubbish, their sales did wail
While Loona thrived, and was loved by all
A shining example of robotic gall

So let this be a lesson to us all
Beware the patent troll, with morals so small
For they will stop at nothing, it seems
To bully and conquer, to fill their dark dreams.

Amazing, isn’t it? Now let’s send that to Vector via the Python SDK … 🙂 How do we get Sir Patrick Stewart to recite that? 🙂

In related news: On the Vector python SDK forum Shodan wrote a Python program to answer ChatGPT questions through Vector.

Cover image out of Stable Diffusion.

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  1. Samuel

    This is actually a great poem! Mainly because it speaks the truth lol. I don’t really like the actual facebook group though. I visited the group yesterday and, personally, I just think there’s a lot of negativity in the group and it’s not one I’d want to be a part of, even if the members have good intentions. But either way, this poem is very well written and makes a lot of good points.

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