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Node RED controls Vector via Python SDK on Wire-Pod

Node RED controls Vector via Python SDK on Wire-Pod

I have a small Linux box in NUC style that works as my Wire-Pod but idles most of the time, since it is way more powerful than a RasPi.

Yesterday I installed Node-RED onto it, because I wanted to experiment with that. (for those unfamiliar with Node RED: it is a node.js based workflow solution that lets you react to triggers and create workflows, think IFTTT but locally. See the project website for more information).

Today I had the idea that I can run Python scripts via Node RED’s exec node. I have a Vector set up with the Vector SDK on that machine. And to my amazement that works! I can call Vector SDK Python scripts via Node RED.

The possibilities are endless, for example Node RED could monitor an email account inbox and then let Vector say “you have new mail!” if an email arrives.

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