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Vector not working as expected? Cloud service problems at Digital Dream Labs

Vector not working as expected? Cloud service problems at Digital Dream Labs

From Saturday, june 4th 2022, on there are cloud service problems with the servers that run Vector’s voice recognition. That leads to problems with Vector not reacting to or not understanding voice commands and also the robot may show the dreaded “no WiFi with an exclamation mark sign, that earlier was an indicator that something was misconfigured at DDL’s side.

They said on saturday “we are working on it” (see screenshot of an email), but I get reports of users until now, two days later, that this problem persists until today.

This may have two causes: Either the people at Digial Dream Labs were not able to get the service up and running again, or this scrambled their obviously unstable account system so the old error that lead to the WiFi-sign problem (that is absolutely not about WiFi, it’s a server-side bug) is afoot again.

Seeing that DDL collects overpriced subscription money and lifetime subscriptions they should make it a priority to get this working again. Because of all the money they collect for the service, working on this problem and resolving it should be a top priority and happen even on a weekend. So there are three possibilities: Either they did not work on that on the weekend or they are not able to find the problem or the service outage scrambled their Vector registration systems so the old bug came up again.

There were no new informations about this after the initial ones on saturday. As ususal when there are problems they go into comms blackout.


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