Europe: A limited number of Vector displays will be available soon

I have ordered a (limited) batch of correct Vector display units from Santek Japan (I confirmed that they are the right ones by asking them for a photograph of the displays they had in stock, see post image,). It will take some time until they arrive here because of the cheaper shipping option that was chosen to prevent Fedex’ high shipping cost of 130 dollars from japan to germany. The number of displays I get are limited. After they arrive I will figure out a way to get them to interested parties in europe (this excludes e.g. switzerland and, if the shipment arrives after december 31st 2020, also the UK. That is because of the customs problems with non european union states – and I am sorry for that, but the effort of correct customs declaration is just too much).

The precise cost for the display will have to be determined after I got them, because there will be import VAT and probably customs taxes added to the price. I project that the price will be 25 to 30 euros plus packaging and shipping cost.

Please do not contact me as of now asking for a display, I will offer them after I got them.

Caveat: This is not a company endeavour, I do this completely as a private person and hobbyist to help people with faulty Vector screens. So there will be no warranty or anything, you will get the display “as is” as I got them from Santak japan. I asked if there is chance that they may be faulty as that past batch and they answered that this is highly unlikely.

I am quite sure the demand will be way higher than the supply (Santek only had a limited number of these displays, I ordered 15 pieces, one of those is for my own use), so I will have to figure out a fair way to distribute them to people, probably by drawing numbers.

If you apply for a display you should be clear of the fact that installing them is no easy task. You will need professional soldering equipment as a soldering heat gun for deinstallation of the old one and a soldering station with regulated heat and a fine soldering tip for installation of the new one. I cannot be held responsible if you damage the display trying to install it.

More when the displays arrive here.

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