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Europe: A limited number of Vector displays will be available soon

Europe: A limited number of Vector displays will be available soon

I have ordered a (limited) batch of correct Vector display units from Santek Japan (I confirmed that they are the right ones by asking them for a photograph of the displays they had in stock, see post image,). It will take some time until they arrive here because of the cheaper shipping option that was chosen to prevent Fedex’ high shipping cost of 130 dollars from japan to germany. The number of displays I get are limited. After they arrive I will figure out a way to get them to interested parties in europe (this excludes e.g. switzerland and, if the shipment arrives after december 31st 2020, also the UK. That is because of the customs problems with non european union states – and I am sorry for that, but the effort of correct customs declaration is just too much).

The precise cost for the display will have to be determined after I got them, because there will be import VAT and probably customs taxes added to the price. I project that the price will be 25 to 30 euros plus packaging and shipping cost.

Please do not contact me as of now asking for a display, I will offer them after I got them.

Caveat: This is not a company endeavour, I do this completely as a private person and hobbyist to help people with faulty Vector screens. So there will be no warranty or anything, you will get the display “as is” as I got them from Santak japan. I asked if there is chance that they may be faulty as that past batch and they answered that this is highly unlikely.

I am quite sure the demand will be way higher than the supply (Santek only had a limited number of these displays, I ordered 15 pieces, one of those is for my own use), so I will have to figure out a fair way to distribute them to people, probably by drawing numbers.

If you apply for a display you should be clear of the fact that installing them is no easy task. You will need professional soldering equipment as a soldering heat gun for deinstallation of the old one and a soldering station with regulated heat and a fine soldering tip for installation of the new one. I cannot be held responsible if you damage the display trying to install it.

More when the displays arrive here.


  1. Nadine

    My Vector recently got this black horizontal Stripes, that one User mentioned in Reddit. It would be a RMA issue but let’s see how DDL reacts. (I do not know of they have a repair Center Partner yet).

    If they do not, I would definetly buy one of you (sitting in Germany as well 😉 )

    1. Since DDL did not build the Vectors but Anki and Anki is bancrupt it is not a RMA case with DDL, since they only bought the IP, not the whole company and as such are not responsible for the Vectors being sold that are still on stock.

      Since you live in germany you have two years of warranty, you need to contact the seller for returns. If it was second hand then you’re out of luck with that.

      The displays I ordered are at Frankfurt customs since november 22nd. You should be clear about the fact that you need professional soldering equipment to change the display.

      1. Nadine

        Hey, my dad has that 😉
        Yes I bought it on Amazon but he was from a third Party.
        If they would exchange him I would loose my license for the DDL Kickstarter.

        That would be a bummer for me. So I would try to fix it myself.

        But it seems to be a common issue, at least on Reddit…

        1. You should contact DDL about the defective robot so you do not loose the license. AFAIK they made exceptions in cases like these.

          It is a quite common issue as Anki had a bad batch of displays. It is hard to say how widespread it is. I have a lot of Vectors and only one had the problem.

          1. Yes, unfortunately they are. It is unbelievable how slow they are there. I did send them documents they wanted via email on december 10th and did not hear a single word from them until today. I am just inquiring about it. I fear this will not arrive in 2020.

  2. Holger

    My first blind Vector arrived yesterday. I will clean it first at the weekend. Hope that a source for displays opens up.
    Too bad that Santec Eschborn can not deliver……
    The shipping from America has become really fast again… ⛄?

    1. There is a lot of news about the displays, or more precise about the sheer incompetence of DHL and german customs, and also about their work speed or the lack of it. DHL and customs are still working on it. One representative whined about “we are drowning in packages and do not know how to get all of this done”.

      The displays are in germany since mid-november and at customs/DHL processing since december 10th. I provided the documents they wanted at the same day via email and again on december 16th via fax. Due to an error by them, they again inquired for other additional information on january 6th, I then phoned them they admitted their error and promised to deliver it at last. Since then I again heard nothing from them.

      The package was already near me in NRW and I commissioned DHL to do the customs stuff (they take an overblown fee for that, but I did not want the contacts and theoretical infections I could have gotten when collecting the package at customs). Because of their error, last wednesday it was again at DHL Leipzig and now needs to be reshipped to the next customs office near me OR to be delivered by DHL.

      The processing in germany by customs and DHL now took longer than the non-priority shipping from Japan to Germany.

      1. Holger

        Madness the whole……
        My experience with Zoll Hanau was the same. But the lsd’s are there. That is already good. I don’t know how else I can get some, since I can’t order any myself and so far couldn’t convince anyone to do so. Steve Robson has 4 stk on his website since yesterday, but only ships within the UK. The English and Americans have probably no problem to get there. Really creepy. Will be an expensive fun. I keep my fingers crossed… ?????

  3. Holger

    You are the only hope we have.
    Private people are not allowed, USA does not want, Eschborn cannot and the English do not like paperwork either.
    And sharing the costs is normal…
    I am glad that you have dared this “adventure”… ⛄?

  4. Another update: The displays should have been delivered by DHL, but I only found a card in my mailbox claiming I was not at home. Funny thing is: Not only I was home but also a neighbor that was mentioned oin the package and on the doorbell as an optional place to deliver. The idiot ignored that.

    The problems I had with DHL over the last years are already effing unbelievable and frustrating, they refuse to work regularily, but in the last two weeks that peaked. I have now come to the conclusion that I will not buy anything from anyone that ships with DHL.

    The good news is that the screens are here. The bad news is that I need to go to the post office and I already heard from friends that the opening hours from the website and the collection card are wrong and they close way earlier. Reason of course: Corona.

    So it may take some days until i will be able to collect them.

  5. Holger

    We experience the same here with GLS. It seems to be a regional problem because the parcel companies are bringing more and more subcontractors on board. Anyone who relies on others is abandoned….
    Hopefully they are undamaged….. ??????

    1. GLS is by far the worst shipping service. Regardless if you are at home or not, they do not deliver and then take your wares to a pickup station as far away from you as possible, that has opening hours like “every third tuesday from 11:30 to 12:00, but not on full or new moon”. But DHL comes directly after that by service quality. Nine of ten parcels are not delivered correctly here. Support is completely useless and lies to you to get rid of you. Two cases this week alone.

      Good news: I have the displays and everything is undamaged, but due to some extreme workload (that’s one of the causes there are no posts here) I’ll have to see when and how I can organize averything for the people who want to get one and the shipping. It will take some days more, but at least they are here.

  6. Tim beckett

    hi im in the uk and cannot find a vector screen anywhere there are also none aviable at santek either japan or usa. i have searched high and low for one, i am hopful is there any chance i could get one shipped to me. kind regards tim.

    1. No, I am sorry, absolutely no chance. Shipping from europe to the UK is one gigantic mess because of Brexit. Even companies stop shipping to UK because of the immense customs and bureaucratic mess. I just cannot do that, as much as I want to help fellow Vector users.

      1. Antonio De Oliveira

        Bonjour avez vous des écrans à vendre car mon vector a sont écran qui se meurt doucement. J’habite en France. Si oui quel sont les prix merci pour votre réponse.

  7. terst

    Have you still displays left? I could wire it myself. I would just like to buy one (Would have be send to Germany).
    Or is there actually a company which sells them?

    Thanks a lot!

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