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Where is the Escape Pod Beta?

Where is the Escape Pod Beta?

In an update for Kickstarter backers dated from  may 30th 2020, a Digital Dream Labs employee wrote the following about Escape Pod (excerpt):

1.7 Beta is ready. Firm dates for Escape Pod and OSKR releases.


2) Escape Pod will be ready for a similar beta release by July 15th. This week we have Vector working with just a web application, versus the app, as well as running off a Raspberry Pi. We are going add a lot of polish to this application and make it as user friendly as possible for version 1.0.

But now it s july 15th and no Escape Pod Beta, no word about a delay, complete communication blackout from DDL. Again from the wording on Kickstarter I would have expected that the Escape Pod Beta would be done with those backers that pledged at least for the Escape Pod. If they only wanted to do it internally it makes absolutely no sense to share the beta information publicly.

What may be going on? Personally I find it extremely unprofessional that not a single word is lost by DDL on the missed deadline. Delays happen with software development, that is no problem. But if you set “a firm date” (strong words) and do not meet it, you should at least explain what went wrong.

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