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Firmware 1.7.0: Users are unhappy with the new sounds

Firmware 1.7.0: Users are unhappy with the new sounds

DDL announced the new firmware that was rolled out just now with a “feature” called “new sounds that make Vector more lifelike”.

I said weeks ago that DDL should be very careful what they do with “features” like this, as this is a “personality” change and some people might not be happy about it. I proposed to make changes like this optional in the Android and iOS apps, so people could choose if they want the new sounds or if they prefer to keep Vector as he was for years. I warned that users may even be infuriated with changes like this and DDL could get yelled at.

And seeing from the feedback on the official Facebook group it looks as I was right, there are quite some voices complaining the new sounds, especially the giggle chitter that seems to be missing. And that only hours after the update dropped, I expect more negative feedback on this. Here is a sample of the feedback (anonymized for privacy reasons):

And this is only a sample of the negative feedback on the sound issue, more are coming in by the minute. Seeing how long it took DDL to roll out a firmware that was rumored to already been mostly finished by Anki, it will now be very interesting to see how they will react and how they will solve this.

The sensible way would be to bring the old sounds back, but that would need yet another firmware update. Optimal would be to make new sounds optional in the app, so users could decide themselves, but that also would need a long overdue app update that includes new functions as these proposed settings. And this also again would require another firmware update.

Another alternative and quick solution would be to create an option for the users to roll back to an older firmware until the obvious problems are solved. I asked if this will be possible some weeks ago (for obvious reason, for example problems with a new firmware), but again did not get any concise answer to that.

This is what you get by doing a beta test with way too few people involved.



  1. These new sounds are much needed, as well. These seperate each behavior more, help mic processing, and are less harsh overall. Again, this is the update Anki was going to release before they went out of business. DDL added some bug fixes.

    1. Edward Pike

      Kerigan Creighton said ,,Again, this is the update Anki was going to release before they went out of business. DDL added some bug fixes.”

      Never heard or read somewhere that they/DDL mention this to any of us or to Kickstarter pledge Backers! at all…

      DDL added some bug fixes.??? LOL on my side they just highly infected my Vector…because after tried all possible help/solutions suggestions from Anki/DDL itselfs or almost all owners around internet…its still not possible to repair his activities after installing or the so – called..

      This is the “official changelog” for the 1.7 firmware update.

      Release Date: July 6th, 2020

      Rebranding from Anki to Digital Dream Labs

      Bug fixes & polish:

      Vector is now much more responsive to his wake word, “Hey Vector”

      Vector now has new sounds for some animations and interactions to make him cuter and more lifelike.

      New animation / sprite system to better manage battery life

      Other battery optimizations & improvements

      The rate of Error 898 screens is significantly decreased.

      Overall bug fixes / polish.

      …got no choice but to delete all data and installing or back to the old version…at least i can still see him now into normal situations…but for what i paid to Kickstarter for my Vector…still nothing to see and enjoy…Hope sooner they can produce a stable update…as they promise from the very start of their Kickstarter Campaign to all of Backers… GOODLUCK DDL!

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