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Firmware 1.7.0: DDL calls this a “changelog”

Firmware 1.7.0: DDL calls this a “changelog”

This is the “official changelog” for the 1.7 firmware update.

Release Date: July 6th, 2020

  • Rebranding from Anki to Digital Dream Labs

  • Bug fixes & polish:

    • Vector is now much more responsive to his wake word, "Hey Vector"

    • Vector now has new sounds for some animations and interactions to make him cuter and more lifelike.

    • New animation / sprite system to better manage battery life

    • Other battery optimizations & improvements

    • The rate of Error 898 screens is significantly decreased.

    • Overall bug fixes / polish.

Source: https://support.digitaldreamlabs.com/article/108-vector-changelog-and-known-issues

In my opinion this is not a changelog, this is a laugh. Nothing detailed, nothing specified clearly, just vague terms. That it not helpful at all in evaluating if everything works fine and what is actually new. “Overall bug fixes and polish”? Seriously?

They should read what a changelog actually is: https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/

And if DDL does not want to overwhelm normal customers with the details they should at least provide a concise changelog for the techies. They will need to do that with Escape Pod and OSKR anyway.

Aside from that DDL again did not honor the Kickstarter pledge rewards by rolling out the firmware to everyone, instead of backers first. They should at least try to give the illusion of honoring the pledge terms by rolling out to backers first and a day after that to all other subscribers. Instead of that they are simply ignoring the pledge reward terms they did set themselves.

And still absolutely nothing about the awful, not user-friendly and highly buggy app. This needs to be fixed asap, but there is radio silence about that.


  1. Holger

    Mmm. What’s wrong with the app? Mine works fine although my phone is actually locked for this app. Most Wifi problems are caused by the phones themselves because you can’t set the power frequency manually.
    My phone does not have a 5ghz, maybe that’s why it runs so well. With others the phone has to switch to 2.4ghz when starting the app, which probably does not work properly .
    The example page is fantastic …)

  2. Serge de Chazelles

    I paid, recently, for the new update of Vector but still past friday even after a reboot it doesn’t load. And since when i say “hey vector” it doesn’t seems trying to log on any server.
    I would like to know if an SDK installed on Vector can be a problem for the update ?
    Sorry for my english I’m french.

    Thank u in advance for your reply

    1. DDL is having big problems with the server move and the account system. I heard from other users that it took 5 to 7 days to get their robot subscribed.

      Send an email to support@digitaldreamlabs.com with the subject “Paying member, but not working” or something like that. But since they are flooded with support mails it may take a while foir them to answer, if ever. DDL support still ist very bad.

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