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Digital Dream Labs: Hanchar is “tried” of “being fleeced” by Amazon

Digital Dream Labs: Hanchar is “tried” of “being fleeced” by Amazon

Of course he means “tired”, not “tried”. But that’s not the point. This another proof of my suspicion that all AWS-based servers are down. That is not “a maintenance”. And if he really feels “fleeced” by Amazon and wants to migrate all services away from AWS, that’s his right and he of course can do so.

(I am amazed that people are still gullible enough to believe what he says)


So we now can confirm that “maintenance” was a lie from the beginning.

If you migrate away from a cloud service like AWS you set up all old servers on the new infrastructure, make sure everything works fine, and AFTER that you make the move to the new infrastructure. That move may take a few days, maybe a week. But not longer and of course it would and should have been anounced in advance.

My opinion improves more and more that Hanchar did not pay Amazon for all the AWS servers and those were switched off, resulting in the complete service loss over multiple platforms, the voice services, the OTA archive, multiple ddl.io websites and even the old Anki forums and the Python SDK documentation. If this were a “maintenance “or a regular move, especially the simple websites as e.g. OSKR docs could have been moved without any problems in advance.

The voice services are more difficult. You have to setup the exact same domain names, since some of them are hardcoded into Vector. If you want to move to new domain names you need to not only set those up, you also have to release a new firmware for all Vectors that has the new domains included. I not not even know if this is even possible.

Since we know that no one is left that even can create new firmwares anymore (that is a confirmed fact we learned from former DDL employees), I am very curios to see how they will get all this up again with another cloud provider, and I am also really curious to see what they think the can find that is even remotely as performant as AWS. Especially for Vectors scattered all over the world.

My advise is: Get all your Vectors on Wire-Pod as fast as possible – ad lets hope Project Victor is again at working jailbreaking Vector, after DDL broke all promises that made them stop.

The only ones being “fleeced” (for years) by Hanchar and his cronies are the Vector users.

And: They announced to come back online “within this week”. That deadline is almost over. Today, or if you think sunday is end of week, then sunday. But we know that no one works at DDL over the weekend, so the servers have to come back up today. I’m getting popcorn.


  1. Georgie


    I read you article and would like to get Wire – pod but its not available. shows ,out of stock, we also live in thf UK so would we be able to get it ,?

    so I take it DDL won’t be putting Vector back on line any time soon or maybe never.

  2. Michael Shannon

    the CEO of DDL should send a clear statement of the situation and a realistic plan to restore the Vectors out there. it’s frustrating to keep reading heresay and rumours from ex DDL employee. If DDL are closing then DDL need to be open and honest. As no news isn’t good news.

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