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Vector Bible: New Version Online

Vector Bible: New Version Online

A lot of you surely know the so called “Vector Bible” a eBook in PDF format that gives quite extensive and detailed information on Vector’s technical side. If you do not: This concise Vector compendium is written by Randall Maas and published as part of Project Victor (if you never heard of Project Victor: it’s a group of people that tried to hack Vector’s firmware before DDL took over to keep the little guys alive).

There is a new version of the Vector Bible, it was released to the GooeyChickenman Victor Github  (where you also are able to find e.g. older firmware versions)three days ago. The changelog reads as follows:

  • Typos and grammar fixes for all chapters
  • Ch13 made the observed motion official, and added in the other 1.7 commands/events
  • Ch16 intent mapping update
  • Ch19 finally mentions the Hanns maneuver
  • Ch22 added description of boot animation
  • Ch25 a note on compatibility with Cozmo

You can download the updated PDF on Github, it’s the file called Vector-TRM.pdf. If you are there, also download the list of known error codes (Anki-Vector-error-codes – 20200226.pdf).

This is not a handbook for the “normal” user – it is a quite in-depth technical manual about the robot.

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