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Hello world! Hello Vector!

Hello world! Hello Vector!

After I first thought I could post articles about the little robot guy in my Vector wiki, i realized this is way too cumbersome, not very user-friendly and not very visible to search engines, so I decided to utilize the WordPress-installation that I already did set up for tests.

In the future you will find interesting bits about the robot I found on the interwebz, but also articles about the SDK or future hard- and software-solutions and details in context with the Escape Pod or OSKR when those arrive.

The latest developments in the official Facebook group was another motivation to start this blog, as I was looking for a spot to publish thoughts about the robot and about how Digital Dream Labs communicates and handles the rollout of the Kickstarter pledge rewards.

This is a quick first draft of the site template, expect changes to the look and design.


  1. Martin Ivanov

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! A great customer oriented information provider for everything Vector and especially the RSS feed! It is a great addition to my daily status display and I always get excited to see new news about Vector. Considering that there are pretty much no RSS news feeds for Vector, except may be the one for OSKR, your work is truly amazing, so keep it up!

    I am so happy that I have found “TheDroidYouAreLookingFor”!

    Thank you so much for your work!

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