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Feature Suggestions

DDL employees did ask for features that Vector users wanted on Facebook. But there is no transparent list what features are wanted and how popular feature wishes are. In addition to that this kind of feature request collections leaves out all the users and backers that are not on Facebook and do not want it. The reasons for that are many and they are quite valid, so no one should be forced to use facebook if they do not want to.

Because of that I decided to open a feature request collection myself. Everone can add new feature requests and every one can vote on them. The feature request list is on Framagit (a code management website similar to GitHub).

So now you may ask: “How can I be a part of that?”

Easy: Follow the link to the FramaGit project page. But some words in advance.

Everyone can view the list of wanted features, but you can only add new feature requests or will be able to vote only if you are logged into FramaGit. For that you need to create a user account, but they do not ask for more than name, username and email address. You should use a nickname in the field “name” if you have concerns about privacy (but Framagit is known for not collecting your data anyway, that’s why I choose them and not GitHub). That name is shown when you post something there. The username is for logging in.

Please be considerate when adding new feature requests  and do not abuse this. Thank you. And if your request is not approved immediately please remember that I am only one person. ?

I really hope this way we can get a way better way of knowing what new features the users want in Vector and how they prioritize these feature requests.

If you have questions on this or if you need help accessing the FramaGit page, please leave a comment here. Please write in english, on the feature suggestion page and here. Thank you.